Programme 2017

New  Visions.

At St Mary’s Penzance.

6th September -3rd October. 2017.

Theological Art by:-  Canon Robin Murch.


This exhibition is of some of the works of Robin Murch.

It is intended to help people appreciate the presence of God within the  contemporary life of our world as we witness it.

 A challenging world with all its ups and downs and happenings.

 We hope it will aid your own reflections on life around you. 

            Robin is a self taught artist who began his works when he retired from full time ministry in the Church of England. He does not sell the works and reserves them for exhibitions and talks. The New Visions exhibition has been taken to a good number of Churches in the South West where it has been well received.

            The pictures are good talking points, and with luck you may be able to discuss the works with the artist, who is often about, and welcomes this.     Failing that;  it is possible to purchase . “Pathways to New Visions”  @ £8.00.   which is a book form of an exhibition together with meditations and prayers.

            In this Robin explains his thinking and inspirations.


We hope you enjoy your visit to the Exhibition.



“Bright and Beautiful Things.” By Jackie Hichens

I am a Cornish Artist living and working in the local area who has a passion for all the flora and fauna that lives here with us. Birds, plants, insects and sea life each has a unique part to play in our world and I like to paint these bright and beautiful things so my inspiration is endless.

First I choose a subject and then I research it, with birds and animals I find out how they live, where they live, any folklore about them etc and also the medicinal properties in the case of plants, this enables me to get a greater understanding of the subject before committing it to a painting or drawing.

I prefer to work in watercolour but recently have discovered inks which I use in a similar way allowing the drips and splatters I get to depict movement and life on the paper.

I hope you will view my exhibition of paintings and perhaps take away with you a different vision of the small subjects that live alongside of you.

There is a preview evening on Friday June 9th  7 – 9pm.

All are very welcome.