Programme 2017

“Bright and Beautiful Things.” By Jackie Hichens

I am a Cornish Artist living and working in the local area who has a passion for all the flora and fauna that lives here with us. Birds, plants, insects and sea life each has a unique part to play in our world and I like to paint these bright and beautiful things so my inspiration is endless.

First I choose a subject and then I research it, with birds and animals I find out how they live, where they live, any folklore about them etc and also the medicinal properties in the case of plants, this enables me to get a greater understanding of the subject before committing it to a painting or drawing.

I prefer to work in watercolour but recently have discovered inks which I use in a similar way allowing the drips and splatters I get to depict movement and life on the paper.

I hope you will view my exhibition of paintings and perhaps take away with you a different vision of the small subjects that live alongside of you.

There is a preview evening on Friday June 9th  7 – 9pm.

All are very welcome.