Lent 2018

Lent Activities for 2018

Penlee Cluster Lent book

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This year we are reading and reflecting on the book
“A  bigger table”  by John Pavlovitz
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“Have you ever approached a table filled with people, only to be told that despite the open chairs there isn't room for you?  The rejection stings. It leaves a mark.”

Some people feel the church has also excluded too many people for far too long: "You're not welcome here. Find someplace else to sit."

This Lent in the Penlee Cluster we ask how we can we extend unconditional welcome and acceptance in a world increasingly marked by bigotry, fear, and exclusion?

Pastor John Pavlovitz invites readers to join him on the journey to find--or build--a church that is big enough for everyone. He speaks clearly into the heart of the issues the Christian community has been earnestly wrestling with.

A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, Hopeful Spiritual Community asks if organized Christianity can find a new way of faithfully continuing the work Jesus began two thousand years ago, where everyone gets a seat.

Small groups meeting times to reflect on the book, we aim to cover 3 chapters a week.

Tue 10.30am  St Mary’s Pz for core staff and priests in retirement
Tue 2.30pm  Paul Church Hall
Wed 9.45am  Paul Church Hall
Wed 9.45am   St. Peter’s Newlyn
Wed 7pm  St Mary’s Pz
Fri 10.30am   Lesley’s house, Pz 01736 301437
(The group led by Lesley Michell now meets on FRIDAY MORNINGS AT 10.30am (except in the FIRST WEEK OF THE MONTH, when there will be NO meeting).  Lesley can be contacted on 01736 601437)

There is an opportunity to take part in an online discussion of the book.

Lent Quiet day
March 24th:10-4pm
Paul church and Hall

“Why did Jesus have to die?”

Led by Leslie Attwood
Priest in retirement in the Penlee Cluster

Compline (night prayer)

Mon-Friday 5.30pm each day.
Copies of the night Compline for use at home can be found at the back of each church.

Feb 19- 23rd   St Mary’s PZ
Feb 26th-March 2nd  St Pol de Leon
March 5th-9th   St John’s Pz
March 12-16th   St Peter’s Newlyn
March 19th-23rd  St Pol de Leon

The St Mary’s Reflections Group

will meet in St Mary's Church throughout Lent at 11.15am on Thursdays, but not on the 8th Feb.

The Acts of the Apostles is the study book, relating it to the Diocesan Lent theme of Witnessing.


Thursday film club

@ The Kings Arms, Paul.  7pm
This Lent our films are on the theme of inclusion.


Feb 22nd - My left foot
No one expects much from Christy Brown (Daniel Day-Lewis), a boy with cerebral palsy born into a working-class Irish family. Though Christy is a spastic quadriplegic and essentially paralyzed, a miraculous event occurs when, at the age of 5, he demonstrates control of his left foot by using chalk to scrawl a word on the floor.

March 1st - Ma vie en rose
It tells the story of Ludovic, a child who is seen by family and community as a boy, but consistently communicates being a girl. The film depicts Ludovic's family struggling to accept this transgressive gender expression.

March 8th - Marvellous
Neil Baldwin, born just after World War II, is considered to have learning difficulties but he has an appetite for life and, encouraged by his mother Mary, leaves his butchery job to join the circus as Nello the Clown, being undaunted when the circus moves on without him.

March 15th - The Journey
In 2006, Northern Ireland's bloody Troubles had dragged on for decades. Now with the growing threat of a new generation inspired by the 9/11 attacks to escalate the conflict to new levels of destruction, both the Catholic Republican and the Protestant Unionist sides are finally persuaded to seriously explore a peace agreement at UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's urging.

March 22nd - Paddington 2
Paddington, now happily settled with the Brown family and a popular member of the local community, picks up a series of odd jobs to buy the perfect present for his Aunt Lucy's 100th birthday, only for the gift to be stolen.