Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come:  10th-20th May: Can you pray afresh during this time?

Even as we delight afresh in the joy of this Easter season and reflect on the stories of Jesus’ resurrection appearances to his disciples, our thoughts now begin to turn towards the next chapters of the Christian story: The Ascension of Jesus and the Day of Pentecost.

Archbishops Justin and Sentamu wish these 10 days  to  be a special season of prayer within our churches: a time to pray for the world….a time to pray for people we know…..a time to pray that our lives can be changed.


“Thy Kingdom Come”

These words from the Lord’s prayer, and the vision associated with them, have caught the imaginations of Christians around the world and across denominations.

Here in the Penlee Cluster churches we are going to participate in this event through

EXTREME PRAYER!    We are challenging us all to find 7 different places or ways to pray and there is a  leaflet to help guide us through the challenges. Click HERE for the leaflet.

Resources to help us with prayer

There are leaflets produced by the National church available in each of our churches and include:

Prayer diary

Morning and evening prayer


The Penlee cluster web site and Facebook will also have prayers for thy Kingdom come.

At the beginning of this period of prayer, Thursday 10thMay is a 12 hour prayer vigil at St Mary’s PZ.  

Do come in and pray in the Celtic chapel during the day…..

Or join us for some of the other prayer opportunities.

7.30am Prayers and singing from the Tower at St Mary’s

8am Prayer breakfast

9.30am Celtic morning prayer

10.30am Communion

11.15am Thy Kingdom come:  Meditation on the Lord’s Prayer

11.15am Thy Kingdom come: Praying with water

11.15am Thy Kingdom come: Praying with Bread

12noon Midday prayer and soup lunch

1.15pm Thy Kingdom come dance prayer

1.45pm Thy Kingdom come: Drumming prayer

2.15pm Thy Kingdom come: Godly play:

2.45pm Thy Kingdom come: circle dancing

3.30pm Praying through music

5pm Evening prayer

5.30pm Silent prayer time

6.30pm Community meal and wisdom of community discussion

7.30pm Night prayer Compline

Sunday 13th 6pm   Eucharist and Healing service at St Peter’s Newlyn

Sunday 20th  5pm  Pentecost Prayer in the Quiet garden