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Newsletter for September 2018

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Full details of Conspire Conference 2018 with Richard Rohr

Peace and Reconciliation: well, alas, there wasn't much! I will of course talk a bit about the League of Nations, attempts at disarmament and international cooperation on a range of things. But a lot of the grand sentiments of 1914-18 - think of 'Making the World Safe for Democracy', 'Homes Fit for Heroes' - didn't come to much; and there was a lot of rabid nationalism, border disputes, ethnic cleansing and revanchism too, both in Europe and the Far East....”


If you are drawn to SILENT PRAYER…..

do come and join the JULIAN MEETINGS, held when there is fifth Sunday in the month, from 6pm-7pm in

St Pol de Leon Church, Paul.  

Julian Meetings (named after Julian of Norwich, the 14th century mystic) have been held nationwide since 1973 for people of all denominations or none who wish to join with others in silent prayer in the Christian tradition.  To give time and space to allow God’s stillness; by laying everything aside, just ‘being’, not ‘doing’; resting in the present moment. 

Meetings gather in silence, a sentence is read followed by half an hour’s silent prayer, ending with the sentence repeated.  Refreshment is provided for those who wish to stay and chat.  For more information please contact

Mel – 01736 732451 or mlevesconte@hotmail.co.uk


SUNDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER, 6 – 7pm, at

St Pol de Leon Church, Paul.