Advent calendar Dec 10th

W. Harvey & Sons Newlyn: Paul Harvey with Keith Waters

Today we find ourselves in the small fishing village of Newlyn and outside Harvey's.  This is certainly the place to come to get all those fishy treats that you might love to eat over the festive season.

This very Cornish  Company was set up in 1955 by William Harvey and his three sons, Ronnie, Jack and Gerald. In those days  they sold crabs , crayfish  and lobsters and the boys still carried on fishing from their  boat ‘The Three Brothers’.

So much has changed since those early days.... the premises have been expanded and adapted to modern demands and can hold  30 tons  of shellfish in fresh sea water. They employ 70 staff. Did you know that shell fish from here is exported all over Europe. Their excellent shell fish have won many  awards including The Prize in Seafood Award in 2005.

Harvey's is still very much a family business  and now run by Paul, the grandson of the company's  founder.....with his son now waiting to enter the business.


Today we remember all those who provide much needed local employment. We also give thanks for those whose work is to provide food for us to enjoy.


If you are eating fish over the festive season why not give a pray of thanks for all people who have been involved in bringing it to your table.

Dec 10th from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.