Advent calendar Dec 13th

Jubilee Pool Penzance: Lyn Curnow

The reopening of the Jubilee Pool this summer was a shining example of how the spirit of endurance can overcome all odds.
Our Pool had been terribly damaged by the gales, the outside wall battered and the internal decoration ruined. The area was depressing and showed how nature was all powerful. Yet a group of people had the spirit to challenge the impossible and encourage the people of the town to get behind the idea “Save our Lido”. Fund raising activities were planned, grants applied for and yes , eventually ,  the Pool was opened to the joy of the thousands who have swum and splashed in the waters this summer and the enterprise doesn't end there ! Can it be true that the hot rocks can be engineered to heat the cool sea water to enable us to have a warm swim!

This Christmas we thank all who give of their time, give donations, sponsor an idea and generally encourage a charity to continue its good work.

We thank everyone who contributed in any way to The Spirit of Mounts Bay celebration this summer. Money was raised for the children of the town and for the RNLI thanks to the generosity of our community and over the festive season our care for others will continue –

I wonder if you will go for a swim off our Cornish coast over the Christmas period?

Give thanks for all those who spend much time and energy working hard on behalf of the wider community.

I wonder if any of us might be prepared to help as a volunteer in some way in 2017?


Dec 13th from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.