Advent calendar Dec 14th

The Biggest risk we face in our lives come from the impact of Climate Change

It is now fully scientifically recognized that our output of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is causing ecological imbalances and we are also putting alarming pressure on valuable resources such as oil, fresh water and soil.

We need to cut down on our use of energy by

  • insulating our buildings to prevent heat escaping
  • cutting down on our use of fossil fuels for travel and other energy use
  • producing as much of our energy as possible by Renewable Sources – such as solar, wind and wave power

The Wind Turbine at Penwith College stands over the town of Penzance as a shining example of generating power by wind power and looking carefully around you can see several roof spaces covered with solar panels.

In December 2015 world leaders came together in Paris to pledge to stop global temperatures rising above two degrees. 

Our Government needs to be prompted to play their part in sticking to that pledge.

This threat is too important to be left to Government alone. Each of us as individuals concerned about the state of the planet that future generations will inherit can do our bit.

A good place to start is the Ten Pledge Challenge … Ten simple activities towards a zero carbon life-style


Dec 14th from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.