Advent calendar Dec 15th

Penzance town at night: Street pastors

It’s 1.30 am, there’s a constant bass thud that can be heard from where we are standing, there’s a group of jovial young men pushing each other around and play fighting and coming down the road a raucous group of happy young ladies tottering precariously on their six-inch heels. Who are we? Where are we? We are Penzance Street Pastors and we are at the bottom of Market Jew Street outside Sound Club.

At Christmas, there’s more people out but everyone is in a good mood and enjoying the festive season. We are there in the middle of it all helping, listening and caring, offering support, bottles of water, flip flops. It’s sometimes a challenge but mostly fun and we love being the hands and feet of Jesus here in Penzance. 

I wonder if you are ever in Penzance, or any town or city late at night or in the early hours of the morning? 

Please pray for those who work in clubs and support agencies at night as they respond to the night time economy.

Give thanks for Street pastors and Street angels who give up their time to support those out for a good night out.

Dec 15th from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.