Advent calendar Dec 16th

Playzone @ Penzance: St Johns church

There is always a lot of activity at the playzone and we are open 7 days a week for adults to bring their children and have a safe and exciting place to play…….and for adults to chat with each other over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake….just what’s needed for tired parents!

The lead up to Christmas is always even busier here as we get in the Christmas mood.

There are Santa parties, Christmas discos…..there are opportunities to make Christmas decorations. The there is the St Nicholas party where children are invited to bring in a toy that they have grown out of so that it can be given to children who might need toys on Christmas day.

Of course, for some families who visit Christmas is a tough time of the year….family tensions, family members living at a distance, money worries and children often just over excited.  So within the busy space we do hope that there can be someone around to listen and support.

Very soon be will begin to decorate the space with the help of the children . Some of the children will build a large stable so that we can have a walk in nativity scene…..and at 4pm on Christmas eve ( 24th) we have our Christmas story and Christmas songs events….with mulled wine and festive nibbles…as we finally wait for the BIG DAY and encourage the children to go to bed early ( you wish!)

I wonder how you might help children prepare for Christmas?  And I wonder how we might keep this as a time when we try to live at peace with is often a tense and difficult time of the year for many families

Dec 16th from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.