Advent calendar Dec 18th

Night Prayer at Paul -  an open door  

With Judith

I was listening to the radio broadcast of the service marking 90 years of the Radio 4 Christmas  Appeals with St. Martin-in-the-Fields, the presenter told the story of how their work with homeless people began, with the "silent invitation of the open door" to troops waiting to go to the front line in France during the Great War. The troops who assembled in Trafalgar Square had nowhere to shelter overnight until the church opened its doors; that small act led to their great work with the homeless and those in need today.

The idea of the invitation that an open door presents made me think about our plans for a short service of Compline, night prayer, in the church at Paul for every evening of the Christmas lights in Mousehole (commencing 5.30pm). I hope that the light through our open church door will be a silent invitation to anyone walking by, to come in from the dark and join us. I hope the light will be a welcome, a comfort and a solace; a message of peace and hope.

An open door also enables the light from inside to spill out into the darkness; I hope this will be a powerful reminder to everyone who sees it, that we are praying for them, our community and the world.

The stable door was opened, Mary and Joseph were invited in, and Christ, the light of the world, came into the world.

We can all share this light with one another, perhaps a smile or few kind words, a small and unexpected act of kindness, volunteering for a task or giving some time to help in a project that interests us..... so many opportunities.

How can we bring light into the world this Christmas?


Dec 18th from Chris Osborne on Vimeo.