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An open safe space in the Covid 19 world 

Our church buildings, which have been sacred spaces for generations of people, provide a place to think and be aware that we are in the presence of God...a God who loves and upholds us.  We Celtic Christians call these “thin places” where earth is touched by heaven. 

From July 19th 

We are very aware that the prospect of returning to life as near to normal by the next few weeks have very mixed reactions in our congregations. So we are trying to find a solution to cater for as many needs as possible and to allow as many as possible to feel comfortable to worship in our churches.
1. Clergy and other staff will continue to test for Covid twice a week and wear maks when distributing communion
2. Hand sanitiser will still be used when entering church and receiving communion.
2. Communion will still be offered in one kind: no chalice
3. An area of each church will still be marked up for social distancing
4. The peace will not be shared by handshakes….so as we are at the moment
5. We will ask that people respect each other’s needs for social distancing and mask wearing
6. We are suggesting that although we can sing again that we have a hymn/song sung by everyone at the beginning and end of worship only so that those who are anxious can join us after the first hymn and leave before the last one. These hymns and songs will be on the newsletter and screen so that books do not have to be used.
7. We will encourage people still to have refreshments after worship seated at tables


Currently churches are open for visitors, for Private Prayer and for Reflection.


St Mary's Penzance:

Saturday to Thursday: 10am - 12 noon

Anyone can visit the church at these times to fill up a bag of food.

St. Pol de Leon church in Paul village

Tuesday  2-4pm

Wednesday 10-12noon

Thursday : 10-12 noon

Sunday : 10-12noon 

St Peter's Newlyn

Wednesday 10-12 noon 

St John's, Penzance

Friday  10-12 noon 

Celtic Quiet Garden in Paul village:

All daylight hours 



Our churches have been deep cleaned, risk assessments carried out, and are now set up in such a way that we might visit without spreading infection.  We ask that you keep to the physical distancing rules set by the government, that you use the hand sanitiser provided at church doors and use only the part of the church that is marked out.  Toilets can be used at your own risk.  Refreshments are available at the moment.   You are asked to provide your full name and phone numbers for the Track and Trace forms.

Donations are welcome via contactless payment.


Please contact us if you are aware of anyone who is isolated who would appreciate a doorstep delivery of home-made soup.

A support group will take place every Friday in the St Mary's church from 10.30 to 11.30 to include a time of non-religious relaxation and meditation. Social distancing and other Covid procedures will operate.


It is possible to light a candle, write a prayer request, listen to some reflective music or find a chaplain or host to talk to or find help. If you wish to have a name of someone who has died put in our book of remembrance then you will find a card to record the details.    There are child friendly quiet activity packs so it is possible to visit with children.


Once again it is now possible for funeral services to happen in church too.  The new arrangements for funerals have been agreed by our staff and funeral directors to help people stay safe as they grieve for their loved one.

If you wish to use the church for pray or reflection at another time then please ring 01736 367863 or so that we can find a mutually convenient time.

Please pray for us to keep our buildings safe and open. 



Date posted: 14th November 2020  -  Date updated: 11th July 2021