Exhibitions at Paul Church


An exhibition in Paul Church

Saturday 31st July to Sunday 15th August 2021

  10am – 4pm Monday – Saturday, 12 noon – 4pm Sundays.

This exhibition is open to everyone in the community

We would like your poems, prayers, doodles, drawings, photographs, pictures of paintings, craft and textiles, thoughts and experiences, favourite jigsaw pictures and books.

This exhibition is all about sharing with others the things you created, what you thought and how you managed this last year so we can celebrate what we hope is the beginning of the end and move towards closure.

Your items will be displayed on boards and tables.  A max. of 4 x A4 sheets or equivalent per person.  The church will be open but unmanned so if you have  something valuable please send a photo instead.

Unless your work is self-explanatory you might like to write something to go alongside to put it in context, and include your name.

Please bring work to Paul Church between 10 and 12 on Monday 26th to Friday 30th and Thursday 5.00 to 6.00 pm

Need more info?

contact Nigel at nigelhaward@hotmail.com or 01736 740991