HeartEdge in Penzance

Tuesday 24th November 2020, at St. Mary's Church in Penzance

HeartEdge conference in Penzance to be facilitated by St Martin in the Fields, London.

This event is via Zoom only.
To register to receive the ZOOM link please click HERE

We are very excited that colleagues based at St Martin in the Fields are working with us, helping to organise the HeartEdge conference for Cornwall on November 24th. 

It looks to be an exciting day and will be great to set up a HeartEdge hub here.   They will be helping us with some of our exciting projects and our mission here in this community.

To find out more about HeartEdge go to www.heartedge.org/


To register to receive the ZOOM link please click HERE


At the Heart On the Edge

HeartEdge conference in Penzance Tue 24th November : Via Zoom

10 am  Welcome and instructions  Andrew Yates

10.05 am Introduction to the area  Jeff Risbridger

10.10 am Worship: way-marks from our history  Jeff Risbridger

10.30 am Introduction of HeartEdge 4Cs and the Covid pandemic   Sam Wells

10.50 am  Short coffee break: what question arises for you from talk?  (place comments in chat)

11.05 am  Markers from Celtic Christianity into pandemic.  Michelle Brow

11.25 am First Break out group: what do these people’s insights bring to your setting ?
                 a. What is your setting?
                 b. What excites and challenges you from the three presentations both
                 as an individual and as part of a worship community? (thoughts posted in chat)

11.45 am Intertwining insights to enrich this Cornish landscape

                 A conversation between Sam, Michelle, Jeff and Andrew based on questions from the groups and information presented to date.

12.30 pm Lunch Break

1 pm  Outworking of 4 C’s in a Cornish context and the impact of Covid.

                 Compassion: The Playzone in Penzance  Sian Yates

                 Creativity : The Cornish Celtic Way  Nigel Marns

1.20 pm  Second Breakout

                 a. What issue has come to light in your community that evokes a compassionate response from your worship community?
                 b. How could your building be adapted to live out that response ?

1.35 pm

                 Commerce: The Centre at Newlyn  Jerry Drew

                 Congregation: All Saints Higher Town  Jeremy Putnam

1.55 pm Third Break out group

                 a.  How could commercialisation reshape your work and mission as a church?

2.10 pm HeartEdge waymarks in a Celtic Land.

                 Sam and Hugh Nelson to respond to groups’ discussions

2.30 pm Becoming part of a HeartEdge Hub  Andy Turner

2.40 pm  Curated Worship led by Sam Wells