Worship May 24th

Maritime Music Quiz

There are 9 different pieces in total.  Fragments made be heard more than once, but there are only 9 correct pieces.

The answers are:

  1. 'Fingal's Cave' from Hebrides Overture - by Menddeellssoohhnn
  2. Crossing the Bar CHH Parry
  3. Sailing By - Ronald Binge
  4. I Saw 3 ships go sailing by - Anon.
  5. Howard's Way TV Theme by Simon May (the hardest one I think!)
  6. 'Portsmouth' by John Playford
  7. 'Barnacle Bill' by Ashworth-Hope (will you allow better known as Blue Peter TV Theme?)
  8. Allegro - from Water Music GF Handel
  9. 'Rule Britannia'  Thomas Arne

Kevin Lane