Wisdom in the Community (April 2021)

Wednesday 21st April 2021

“Protective Love :  holding and sustaining us 
BIBLE READING: John 10:11-18 

  1. Read this Gospel passage with  loving care and attention.
  2. How do you react to the rich imagery that Jesus uses to teach  about the nature of God’s love?
  3. What images could be used today to talk about this upholding and sustaining love of God?  And where do you see such love and care in operation?
  4. Thinking about our community or world where would you look to see that type of love lived out...and how? do you believe?
  5. What would our community look like if this “shepherding model” was lived out ? What would need to change?

What pictures from our community could you send in to illustrate this bible passage or what has been revealed to you in your contemplation of the reading? 
What music, secular or sacred, would helps you think about the reading? What Headline, strapline or title would you use? 
What would you want prayed for after reading and thinking about this text? Is there a film or youtube clip that you recommend? 
Do send your thoughts in by 10am  to help form Sunday morning worship Teamleader@penleecluster.org.uk 


Wednesday 14th April 2021


We invite you to read this bible passage St Luke’s Gospel 24: 35-48 
You might want to join in one of our groups this week...or reflect on this in your own space.  Next Sunday’s worship is based on our thinking and praying together 


1. Imagine the disciples gathered together, fearful, and not daring to believe the reports that Jesus is risen.  I wonder what their conversations would have been like?
2. Can you relate to that sort of fear?  When have you experienced fear in your lives?  Talk to God about it in prayer.
3. In the bible text we read that Christ invites the disciples to touch him. I wonder how they responded?
4. Jesus started to explain the scriptures to the disciples. What do you imagine was said?  And what might Christ be saying to you now ?
5. What “touches” me and how might I respond to those words, “You are my witnesses”?